Six locals killed and ten injured due to aerial bombardment during the town seizure battle of Kutkai, injured still under medical treatment

During the town seizure battle in Kutkai township, Muse District in northern Shan State between Ta’ang Army (TNLA) and the Terror Military Council, (6) locals were killed and (10) other locals were injured and they are still under medical treatment, according to the field documentation of Ta’ang Women’s Organization.

On January 2, due to the aerial bombardment of the Terror Military Council, Maung Tin Myat Aung @ Thar Nge and his friend Maung Yan Naing Tun who lived in Ward 8 were killed.

Mother of diseased Maung Tin Myat Aung said, “My son didn’t run away together with us. He stayed with his friend instead. We could not coax him. He said that he had already grown up, he know how to avoid and don’t worry for him. On next day, their place was bombed by a plane. My son and his friend were hit. If they could be brought to hospital immediately, he might not die. Nobody dared to rescue them as there was fighting. We couldn’t even see him buried. His elder brother buried him.”

Mother of Maung Tin Myat Aung contined that they could not hold the week-after prayer meeting until now as it was imposible to gether people due to the political instability during the fighting. 

In another incident, a father and a son who work as brick maker and lived in Ward 4 were also hit. The father, U La Byat was killed and the son was wounded under the knee and was getting treatment at Kawnghkar hospital.

A male resident from Ward 4 said, “They are my uncle and his nephew. They were hit by heavy weaponry. My uncle was killed on the spot. His nephew is in Kawnhkar hospital taking treatment. The day was the day when there was big fighting. I don’t remember the what date exactly was.” 

In another incident, a Shan ethnic national U Aik Khin from Ward 5, was killed by sharpeners from heavy weaponry. During the battle, a deaf man was shot by the terror army when he was ordered to stop and he kept passing the check point as he didn’t hear the order and he was shot to death.

A resident from Ward 5 said, “When a heavy weaponry shell dropped into their house, he was hit. All the people from their house have moved to Mandalay. Only the elder brother was left. He died on the spot. They haven’t come back yet.”

On January 2, when a family from Hwekhoke village, went back home to get some food, the father of the family was killed and 3 were injured as an aircraft bombed at their place. On January 6 at night time, U Nyi Htwe who had kill the house fire was shot on his way back in Ward 2.  

U Nyi Htwe said, “I went to kill the fire as a house in our Ward was on fire. On the way back, I was shot. I don’t know which side shot me as there was fighting on that night. I was shot on my hand. I tried to go to the clinic but I could not drive the motorbike. Finally, my wife came with the car and took me.”

U Nyi Htwe was injured on his arm but he could not get treated as there was fighting. He only got treated on next day when he could go to hospital, he said.

Similarly, Daw Aye Swae, a resident from Ho It village got injured while she was in her farm when a plane dropped the bombs. Daw Aye Ai and her daughter were injured when a heavy weaponry shell shot from tactical command hill, dropped into their village and blasted. 

On December 10, 2023 when a heavy weaponry shell was shot in the Loi Sai village, 3 local people including a child were injured.  

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