Four People Killed and Other 1 from Zay Tann Ward Injured due to Three Consecutive Bombardment by the Terror Military Council Planes in Mong Yaw Area

January 9, 2024

Ta’ang Women’s Organization – TWO

Because the Terror Military Council used 500 lb-bombs for three consecutive incidents at 7:30 pm yesterday on January 7 at Mong Yaw town area, Laship district in northern Shan State, 4 civilian people including three children were killed.

Those who were killed are 4 in total including Ta’ang Children; (12) years-old Lway Ei Maung, (13) Years old Lway Soe Moe Aung, one other boy and (1) Chinese woman. (1) Shan girl was also injured from sharpeners of heavy artillery shell.

A man from Mong Yaw region said to the Ta’ang Women’s Organization, “(it is) not Ta’ang village. The village was inhabited by different ethnic people including Chinese, Indians and Burman. Now, they shot in Mong Yaw. One Ta’ang child, one Chinese and one Shan were killed. They were shooting around police station and hospital. Though nothing happened around Banyan tree but people were hit along the shops. Luckily, some people had already fled. Otherwise, more people would be wounded.”

(20) civilian houses and (3) cars were damaged as the terror military council dropped bombs three times on the side of Zay Tang Ward, Police station and hospital without any fighting in Mong Yaw area.

Yesterday on January 7, in one day, the Terror Military Council troops one-sidedly dropped two 500 lb-bombs at Myothit village in Namhsan township, Ta’ang area in Norther Shan State without any fighting and 10 civilians from northern Shan State died in one day.

Photo – Local