Fighting at Kyaukme kills 2 locals and injured 2

The fighting broke out between Ta’ang National Liberation Army (TNLA) and the Terror Military Council at 6 am. (today) on June 25 at Kyaukme, Northern Shan State which was under ceasefire. At the time of this writing, 1 local man and 1 woman were killed and 2 others, including 1 child, were injured due to the continuous firing of heavy weaponry by the Terror Military Council.

A local woman from Kyaukme said, “They have been shooting since morning. They are shooting each other. Ta’ang soldiers have entered the peace hill (Nyein Chan Yay Gone), arrived at Taung Naught (Behind Hill) Ward. Now I can hear the sound of onesided heavy weaponry shooting. But, there are some people killed and injured,” she said.

A heavy weaponry dropped and blasted on a civilian house at Htone Bo (8) Ward and two brothers were hit by shrapnel. The younger brother Ko Aik Myo was killed and the elder brother U Aung Khin was injured on his head.

In addition, Ma Saw Khin, a woman in Tilin Ward (9), was killed by a gunshot to the head, and a (14)-year-old girl, Nang Oum Ngin, from Pan Paung Village on the Union Road outside the town, was also injured by a bullet and was sent to Kyaukme Hospital, according to Kyaukme branch of Nampkhone Shan Nationals Charity Association.

A man from Tilin told Ta’ang Women’s Organization, “We live in the house, listening news. We dare not to go outside. Heavy Weaponry were shot continuously. Those deceased were killed as they ran out of their house and shot. Two brothers were shot at Htone Bo Ward near tax-free market. Elder brother was injured and younger brother was killed. They are relatives of Daw Saw Mu.”

The Three Brotherhood Alliances, Ta’ang National Liberation Army (TNLA), Arakan Army (AA/ULA) and Myanmar Nationalities Democratic Alliance Army (MNDAA) had reached ceasefire agreement for about 6 months with the Terror Military Council on January 11, 2024 through Chinese government sponsored mediating meeting by signing the Haigeng Agreement.

One day after saying that the Terror Military Council had repeatedly violated the provisions of the Haigeng Agreement and stating that the Ta’ang National Liberation Army has a responsibility to defend the people if aerial bombardment and heavy weaponry fire continue in the Ta’ang area, on June 25, the fighting recurred at Kyaukme, Mogok and Nawnghkio towns.

Photo: Local resident sent

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