Due to Bombardment of Military Council, a Hotel at Kyaukme Catches fire, and a 10-year old Child Dies

A child over the age of 10 was killed by the Terror Military Council jet bomb in Pinn Paw Lay Ward, Kyaukme, at 11:30 pm yesterday (June 30).

The jet bombing caused a fire that burned down the One Luck Hotel at number (1) Pingpawlay Ward, on the Panglong Raod and the house of Ayeyar Mann Bus Station owner was burnt to ashes, a child was killed and a woman was injured by shrapnel.

A resident who wished to remain anonymous stated, “A Child died. He was a boy. Another woman was injured. I went to see it myself this morning. At that time, the body had been cleared. Two RC buildings from the hotel and the house from Ayeyar Mann Bus Station beside the hotel were burned down to ashes. The roofs of the houses behind the hotel were damaged, but no other injuries were reported.”

Additionally, at 9:00 am this morning (July 1), a house at the Chan Myae Kywe Gasoline Station in front of the State High School number (2) was also burned to ashes due to the heavy weapon blast.

The fighting between  the Ta’ang National Liberation Army (TNLA) and the Terror Military Council has been ongoing in Kyaume since June 25. According to the Ta’ang Women’s Organization’s reach, there has been 15 civilian deaths and 18 injuries up to now. 

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