Four people injured due to landmines during Kutkai battle

Four civilians were injured after stepping landmines during the fighting started on December 30, 2023 in Kutkai Township, Muse District, northern Shan State.

On January 22, at 10:00 am., U Aik Yee from Manhtang village, Hokyant village tract, was injured seriously after hitting a rope mine under a tree close to a fence near straw shelf in front of the house. 

His wife Daw Aye said, “I came back from my uncle’s house. I was looking for him. I couldn’t find in the kitchen nor in the bedroom. Very soon, I heard the blast of a bomb in front of the house. The gas like smokes went up from the soil. And, he was shouting that he was hit and take him back. As soon as the incident had happened, I didn’t dare to go there as I am afraid that another bomb would explode. So, I went to asked my uncle and tried to take him. He could not answer at that time. Then, we brought him on the house and then to Kaunghkar hospital by car.”

After hitting the rope-mine, U Aik Yee was seriously hit and injured his whole left side, chest, both knees, hand and under the armpit. He had undergone operations to take out 7 pieces of mine sharpeners and is still under treatment until now (on January 31).

Similarly, on December 21, 2023, Ko Mai Aik Nyi Kar stepped on a landmine at bamboo gate at the fence while he was going up to drive out the cows in the yard and one of his legs was cut off.

The victim, Ko Aik Nyi Kar said, “One day before that day, the military columns passing the village patrolling. Next day, as cows entered into the compound and I tried to drive them out. When I went up there and I stepped on landmine at the gate of the compound. Only one step on it and it blasted.”

In addition on January 3, two young villagers from Pansay village, who were coming back from Game shop in Kutkai to home, stepped on a landmine beside the stream near bridge at the entrance of the village, cutting off their legs.

It is learnt that there are still many unexploded landmines and artillery shells along Hwayhkok, Manghtang, Hokyent, Pansay and Loisai villages in Kutkai township, which were planted and shot during the fighting.

Domestic animals were also killed by landmines around the village. One cow from Pansay village and 5 buffaloes of Namkhom village were killed by landmines.