Arrested Man Nar school principal brought to court for the first time

Principal of the Man Nar village primary school Daw Than Than Myo, who was arrested on December 28 last year, was brought to court for the first time on January 11, 2021.

Primary School Principal Daw Than Than Myo’s first court presence was only lasted for few minutes and she was brought back, said a family member. Her family members could not even know by which article she was charged. 

“Even though it is court presence, we couldn’t meet her nor talk to her. She was at the court about only 2 minutes and taken back. We can’t even know what her charges and she was sued under which article. She shouted to me from police car that she was charged with article 17/1”, a family member told TWO.

Family members, youth, local villagers and old members of Federation of Student Unions came to court showing support to the principle. 

U Mai Wanna is the secretary of Ta’ang Literature and Culture Association. He said, “The case was postponed to next week as police hasn’t constructed the case. As they hasn’t buit the case, they told us that we couldn’t meet the teacher. We will send appeal letters to Commander in Chief of Army, President’s office and relevant Ministries for her case.”

Tatmadawe came to the teacher’s house and arrested her on December 28 by car. And, family members followed them by motorbike till the tactical command base but could not meet her.