Myanmar Tatmadaw LID 88 took IDPs’ money and phones

On July 21, 2017, at around 4:30, Mine Yu Lay IDPs and some locals confronted Myanmar Tatmadaw LID 88 troop, the Tatmadaw searched them and confiscated their cellphones and money.

Mai Aik Hein and Mai Aik Ngo, vets from Mine Yu Lay and Loi Mone Sar camps and two Chinese young men confronted Myanmar Tatmadaw troop on the way to Loun Kam village.

While some troop of Myanmar Tatmadaw column have marched forward, some troop behind just searched the locals and took their 3 cellphones and 500,000 Kyat.

The Tatmadaw column have reached Loun Kam and Loi Zayan villages. Although the locals searched the LID 88 troops to get back their phones and money, they do not know where the troop exactly resided. 


Information Documentation and Research Department

Ta’ang Women Organization