Schools closed in Manton due to an explosion

August 4, 2017

 An explosion occurred about 3 miles away from Manton town this morning at 11 am and following the explosion, Myanmar Tatmadaw fired weapons which shocked students in school. As the students ran homes, schools were temporarily closed.

When 10 Military trucks of LID 77 were approaching Manton, the explosion occurred. In the area of explosion, Myanmar Tatmadaw and Ta’ang National Liberation Army are excising.

Locals said they didn’t know which armed group started the explosion.

On the same day, Manton based Myanmar Tatmadaw LIB 130 was firing several weapons to elsewhere. One shell hit on the back of Ta’ang National Party office, one shell hit nearby Ho Main village and 3 shells hit inside Manton town. Local shops were closed and Manton-Namtu highway is also temporarily shut down.

Damage and casualties are still unknown.


Information Documentation and Research Department

 Ta’ang Women Organization