The government army infantry division (ID) 88 destroying and taking property belonging to the monastery and the local villagers

1/ 2/ 2017

In Ta’ang (Palaung) self- determination area, Nam Sam Township and A Nunt Kinn village, the fighting is occurring between the government army’s Infantry Division (ID) 88 and Ta’ang National Libration Army (TNLA) on 10 Jan 2017 at 10:45 AM to 12:50AM. Because the government army shelled the village, the pagoda is damaged.

After the fighting, the government army went to the monastery to take a rest. They destroyed property such as a Prado car, two motorbikes and other furniture, then they took a CDMA phone and petrol and 7 bags of rice belonging to monastery. According to a monk staying in the monastery, the total current price of property destroyed and taken is eleven hundred thousand and twenty thousand kyats (112).

Furthermore, the government army destroyed the local villager’s house and damaged the door locked by the villager, then they took property owned by local villagers. They destroyed 20 houses of local villagers and the total price of property destroyed and taken is three hundred thousand and ninety five thousand kyats (395000) as stated by the house owners.     


Information Documentation and Research Department

Ta’ang Women organization 

Photo by : BURMALINK