A local woman died due to armed conflict

August 6, 2017

 On August 5, 2017, at 12 am, Myanmar Tatmadaw and Ta’ang National Liberation Army clashed above Maw Saung village, Kutkai Township and a 37-year-old woman died due to shell explosion.

When TNLA were exiting Maw Saung village,  they encountered Myanmar Tatmadaw LID 88 who are coming from Namkham and fighting broke out.

A local said, “First, TNLA was in the village. When Burmese soldiers were coming from Namkham, TNLA left from the village. When they reached just above the village, fighting started. The big weapon just dropped in front of the house. It came through the tree and the fragment hit Daw Am Sein on her belly. Soon after that, she died.”

According to local report, 2 children were also injured and 3 homes were damaged.

  Information Documentation and Research Department

Ta’ang Women Organization