Ta’ang (Palaung) feel unsafe due conflict

In most Ta’ang villages in Northern Shan state, the Burmese military and TNLA fight almost every day and the Ta’ang people feel unsafe.

On 22nd November, 2014, the Burmese military group LID (77), Battalion under the command of Brigade (IB) No. (106) and TNLA IB (256)  fought in Kyautme division, Namhsan Township, Pasari village and HoeNamh village for about 15 minutes.

According to villagers, “the TNLA and Burmese military fight very often in our villages. Because of the fighting, it is not safe for us and we have to worry always, not dare go anywhere, because we do not know when the fighting will happen again. We wish the fighting would stop as soon as possible.”

Due the fighting, the Burmese military groups, soldier 4, Sergeant 1, Captain 1, major 1, 7 people were dead. However, the other soldiers and the head villager from HoeNamh village went to the monastery in the morning to honor the people who died on 23rd November 2014.

Information Documentation and Research Department (IDRD)
Palaung Women’s Organization