Ta’ang people suffering due to conflict

In Northern Shan State, KyoutmeDevision, Namhsan Township, an increase in conflict means the Ta’ang (Palaung) people are suffering.
In Namhsan Township, MyotThi group, East Zone, when Burmese military group LID (77), Ballalion under the command of Brigade (IB) No. (107) headed by Lieutenant General KyawKyaw Moe and TNLA Battalion (256) are fighting, Ta’ang people are very scared and students cannot attend school.

According to a villager, the Burmese military and TNLA are fought at 3:00 PM on 29thOctober, 2014. “When the conflict happened, the Burmese military headed by Lieutenant General KyawKyaw Moe, shot the gun into the village. We are very scared and the students will not go to school: they just run back to home from school. However, no one got injured but we worry about the shooting.”
In Namhsan Township, A Nought Kin Group, near Ho La village’s road, LID (77), Battalion under the command of Brigade(IB) No. (106) Group headed by Major U TaungHtut and TNLA IB (256) Group fought aggressively for fifteen minutes and afterward, two innocent villagers were tortured by the Burmese military.

“The TNLA and the Burmese military headed by Major U TaungHtutfought at 2 pm on 1st November 2014 in my village. After conflict happened, the Burmese military arrested three villagers without reason; they are U Aik Law and his son Mai A Dat and another person Mai A Wee. After that what are they asking we don’t know. When the Burmese military tried to punish U Aik Law, he avoided them and ran away. However, they still arrested and punished his son and Mai A Wee. After they were punished, they were allowed to go back home. And, the Burmese military said that they did not want to do that because of their duty” said the villager.

Conflict in Ta’ang areas happens every single day. Therefore, those areas are not safe for the Ta’ang people and they worry all the time.

Information Documentation and Research Department (IDRD)
Palaung Women’s Organization