RCSS prohibit foodstuffs for the local people in Kyaut Mae

Starting in the first week of January 2017, The Restoration council of Shan State forbade local people living in Khun Kor village tract to bring foodstuffs from Kyaut Mae to their villages. There are 4 villages in Khun Kor village tract such as Khon Kor village, Tow Care village, Owm Wee village and Man Sam village.The local people living in those villages are dependent on Kyaut Mae Market for foodstuffs and other goods.

They face the problem of higher price for the food because of the RCSS blocked the road and stopped people bringing the foodstuffs. It is very difficult to overcome this problem to provide daily food.

According to local people “the RCSS prohibited the foodstuffs already one month ago. The people living in those villages are facing big problem because the foodstuff’s price is very high. Before we bought the rice at thirty five thousand kyats (35000) per bag and now we have to pay forty thousand kayts 40000 per bag. The price increased five thousand 5000 kyats compared with before. They start to prohibit from Koo Youn village to our villages (Khun Kor village tract). The RCSS stays at that village.

The reason of the RCSS closing the road and prohibiting the foodstuffs is that they suspect   that the armed group is living in those villages. Due to the foodstuffs prohibition, the head of of village tract and the villagers are sending first information report letter to the administrative   office in kyaut Mae but there is no response and no support till now.

Information Documentation and Research Department

Ta’ang Women Organization (TWO)

Photo : RFA