Human right violations against Ta’ang people in Shan State

Date – 28, Sept, 2016

  1. The RCSS/SSA has been shutting down the self-reliance schools opened by Ta’ang communities, forcibly recruiting soldiers from Ta’ang communities, arbitrarily arresting Ta’ang villagers, and threatening Ta’ang villagers in Southern Shan state several times. Ta’ang Organizations are very concerned about these violations.
  2. The RCSS/SSA has signed the Nationwide Ceasefire Accord (NCA) and promised to obey the rules in the NCA. However, the RCSS/SSA has not obeyed these rules. They have violated NCA sections (3) and (9) that guarantee that they will protect the local communities and they will obey the military rules in their COC. However, RCSS/SSA has been threatening, detaining and torturing innocent people in Ta’ang areas, forcibly recruiting villagers to be soldiers and shutting down a total of 55 self-reliance schools (23 schools opened in 2015-2016 and 35 schools opened in 2016-2017) opening by the Ta’ang Monk Group, Ta’ang Students and Youth Union (TSYU) and Ta’ang Women’s Organisation (TWO). Then the RCSS/SSA also arrested 8 monks who were trying to run the schools in southern Shan State. This will be a huge challenge to make peace and build public trust. Therefore we seriously condemn the RCSS/SSA’s actions and demand an immediate stop to them.
  3. In September, 2016, Mai Aik Line and Mai Aik Kyann from Kunn Taung village, Mong Naung Township were arrested and tortured by RCSS/SSA, then they detained U Paw Aye from Namm Khun Awn, Mong Kung Township till now. Additionally, the RCSS/SSA ordered two university students at Mandalay, the Chairman and the secretary of Ta’ang National Party-(TNP) at Mong Kung Township, and Ta’ang villagers who migrated to work in Thailand to serve as RCSS soldiers. They were threatened that if they didn’t come back to serve as soldiers, the RCSS/SSA would arrest their parents and confiscate their property.
  4. Moreover, the members of TNP who registered at the State Election Commission, at Mong Kung Township were threatened and the RCSS/SSA forced the TNP to shut down their office in Mong Kung. Then the RCSS/SSA threatened and restricted the freedom of movement and looted the property the local Ta’ang people in Mong Kung Township.
  5. Therefore, the Ta’ang Organizations would like to urge the following recommendations in order to live together as a federal state.
  • To withdraw the RCSS/SSA troops in the north of Shan State and to stop the violence and attacks targeting local communities.
  • Immediately stop all military offensives between TNLA and RCSS/SSA and seek a solution and bring the political dialogue to the table.
  • Stop obstructing the opening of self-reliance schools by Ta’ang organizations and allow the Ta’ang organizations to open the schools freely in southern Shan State.
  • Stop threatening, illegally detaining, using as porters, and torturing innocent people in Ta’ang areas, and stop destroying and looting their property.
  • To take full responsibility to ensure that the arrested and tortured villagers receive justice
  • Follow and respect international conventions and agreements they have signed.

Ta’ang Organizations


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