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Myanmar Tatmadaw took 6 villagers for porters, one killed

On June 25, 2017, Myanmar Tatmadaw’s LIB 504 and LIB 506 took 6 villagers from Loi Pyat, Namh Twe, Namhsan Township with their 6 motorbikes for porters. As fighting broke out between the Tatmadaw and Ta’ang National Liberation Army halfway, porters escaped and one of them was shot death. The villagers taken as porters are […]

Myanmar Tatmadaw’s Missiles Kills 2 Villager and Injury One Villager in Kutkai

This afternoon at 1 pm, Myanmar Tatmadaw’s Operations Command IB 45 fired missiles to Pain Hwe village, Phat Yai, Kutkai and it killed 2 villagers and severely injured one villager. The injured villager is currently in Hospital. The dead couple are U Aik Dat, 45 and Daw Aye Am, 35. U Aik Dat Aye, 60 […]

Myanmar Tatmadaw killed one Hu Man villagers and arrested 3

On January 22, 2017, Myanmar Tatmadaw arrested 4 villagers from Hu Man village, Namhsan, Kyautme District, Northern Shan State and killed one of them, and continued to arrest and torture the remaining 3. Among the 3, one was released on January 23, while the other 2 villagers were detained until 10 days later. Mai Tun […]

3 villagers injured due to fighting

Due to fighting between Myanmar Tatmadaw and Ta’ang National Liberation Army in Man Mauk village, Manton Township, Kyatume District, Northern Shan State, 3 villagers were severely injured. The injured villagers were taken to Manton Hospital but were then referred to Lashio Hospital. Myanmar Tatmadaw troops who came from Moe Meik were firing arms aiming to […]

Myanmar Tatmadaw arrested a TNLA soldier in ordinary clothing

Myanmar Tatmadaw arrest Mai Ba Yin who is serving in TNLA on the road between Nampaka and Pa Den village in March 2017, and continued to detain him in Lashio prison until now. Mai Ba Yin live in Man Lan village, Namh Lin, Namhsan Township, Northern Shan State. Mai Ba Yin was arrested when he […]

An Explosion occurred near Kinder-garden school and killed a villager

An explosion occurred at 6 am in Man Kan village, Namh Kat, Muse and killed U Tar Nyi, 40-year-old. The explosion occurred when U Tar Nyi was collecting garbage around the signpost of anti-drug slogan. He lost his right leg and right hand and died in the explosion. A villager said, “Tar Nyi was cleaning […]

Local homes damaged due to shelling

August 31, 2017 On August 29, shelling hit Pan Law village, Pan Khar, Namkham, and damaged local houses according to local report. “At around 10:30 am, the weapons were coming from Kaung Wine village. It came through above the village. There was no fighting. We don’t know why they were firing weapons. It hit 3-4 […]

Myanmar Tatmadaw Soldier Shot/killed a Ta’ang Villager

August 21, 2017 On August 16, a soldier from Mone Hom base Myanmar Tatmadaw, shot/killed Mai Aik Kyoh (18) from Kaung Kham village, Tar Moe Nyel, Kutkai Township. According to locals, Mai Aik Kyam was killed at 11 am after the soldier took him as a porter. Mai Aik Kyoh was killed when he was […]

Shelling injured 4 villagers

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Hundreds of villagers fled due to fighting

August 9, 2017 On August 8 2017, fighting between Myanmar Tatmadaw and Ta’ang National Liberation Army have caused villagers frightened and fled to Namtu until this morning. As fighting broke out between Khay Khin and Man Wel villages, Namhsan Township, around 200 villagers from Upper Man Wel and Lower Man Wel have fled to take […]