Myanmar Tatmadaw Arrest and Torture Man Lan Villagers, Namhsan

On June 23, 2017, fighting erupted between Myanmar Tatmadaw and Ta’ang National Liberation Army. Following the fighting, on June 24, 2017, a cooperation of Myanmar Tatmadaw’s LIB 501 and LIB 503 entered Man Lan village to arrest and torture 6 villagers on suspicion.

A local said, “After the fighting, the Burmese soldiers came to the village. They arrested 6 villagers. They detained the villagers at the monastery and questioned them. They have been beaten and no one was released yet.”

According to villagers, the Tatmadaw called for all villagers to gather at the monastery and investigated who the parents of soldiers serving in TNLA were, and tortured the parents.

 “The whole village gathered at the monastery. They questioned and beat the parents of TNLA’s soldiers. They told the parents to get back their sons who serve as Palaung soldiers”, said a villager.

The Tatmadaw also forced the villagers to turn off their phones during the interrogation.


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Ta’ang Women Organization